An analysis of the results of the World University Double Rankings shows that the TOP 500 of all ratings (ARWU, QS, RankPro, THE) includes only 293 universities in the world. Wide range of ranking indicators used in the rating methodologies provides evidence to the high quality of various fields of activity of universities which are included in the Double rankings TOP 500. These are the best universities in the world. Using the parameters of these universities as a basis, together with the database of the parameters of the universities included in the World Leading University Matrix, we create and develop a new platform for determining the world ranking of the university - the World Quality League.
Ranking indicators, which are grouped by assessment categories in the above-indicated ratings, determine indicator groups in Double rankings:
Academic (teaching and research) surveys       27%
Research publications and citations                 29%              
All kinds of ratios of structural (students, staff) university parameters  27.56%
Awards and prizes of university employees and graduates                    7.50%
Worldwide accessibility of Information about university                        6.25%
All type of university incomings                       2.69%
A similar range of indicator groups is presented in our Parametric RankPro program, specific parameters of which are adjusted according to the parameters of the world’s best universities taking into account opinions of members of the ICS.
The World Quality League platform is equally suitable for assessing the quality and ranking of teaching programs, structural units, departments and the university as a whole according to the best parameters in the world, regardless of university's presence in world rankings.
There are five levels of quality signs in the World Quality League: А++, А+, А, В+, В.
А++ - universities included in the TOP 100 of all ratings;
A+ - universities included in the TOP 200 of all ratings without A++ class universities;
A - universities included in the TOP 300 of all ratings without A++, A+ classes universities;
B+ - universities included in the TOP 400 of all ratings without A++, A+, A classes universities;
B - universities included in the TOP 500 of all ratings without A++, A+, A, B+ classes universities;
All of these ranks belong to the category of the World Best University.
World Quality League 2021 nominations: Best Universities, Best Universities by Subjects, Open to the World, Academic Diversity, Research and Innovations, Internalization, University Community – Staff, Students and University Life.
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