Global World Communicator (GWC). Education and Science


Global World Communicator (GWC).Education and Science"is the first international program in the format of the
"World Discussion", introduced to develop a general concept for assessing higher educational institutions and
research centers according to indicators reflecting the ratio of parameters of various areas of their activity and which
are determined by highly qualified professionalsin the field of higher education.
The main objective of the GWC program is to create opportunities for professional determination of the parameters
and indicators necessary to assess the quality of the educational process and the conditions for the professional
and humanitarian development of students.
The basic postulates of the GWC program:
Professionalism - evaluation criteria are developed by experts of the highest professional qualifications in the relevant
fields - university professors, specialists of the highest level of education with sufficient experience in teaching and
scientific activities;
Independence – the assessment and ranking process is carried out by an independent organization without
the burden of administrative, bureaucratic and other influences;
Independence - evaluation process is carried by non-governmental organisation without a burden of administrative,
bureaucratic and others influences;
Dynamism - continuous development of the GWC program.The set of parameters and assessment indicators changes
depending on the opinion of experts and the development of processes in the field of higher education and science;
International nature - the GWC program develops a rating system for all countries, regardless of education systems,
national and mental characteristics, since science, like learning outcomes, are supranational concepts, and experts
are representatives of different countries;
Classification - the GWC program compares higher education institutions by introducing the classes to which they belong,
by adding categories to the comparison process that correspond to the teaching/learning process and provide
a favorable environment for learning, living and development.
The GWC program is implemented within the framework of The International Council of Scientists (ICS), an independent
organization uniting scientists from around the world.