About GWC Program


«Global World Communicator (GWC). Education and Science» - the first international program in the format
of a „Worldwide Discussion” introduced to develop general concept of evaluation of higher education institutions
and scientific centers with the aim to assign a professional quality rating to them.
Main task of the program, in this case, is to create possibilities for professional determination of parameters,
needed to assess quality of the learning process and obtained specialist knowledge.
The basic postulates of the GWC program:
Professionalism - evaluation criteria are developed and ranking carried out by experts of the highest professional
qualification in relevant fields - professors of universities, specialists of the highest level of education, who have enough
experience in teaching and scientific activities, being able to evaluate the whole process starting from admission of
students, their ability to learn, and demand for them and their performance;
Independence - evaluation process is carried by non-governmental organisation without a burden of administrative,
bureaucratic and others influences;
Dynamism - continuous development of the program. The set of parameters, evaluation indicators varies depending on the
opinions of experts and development of processes in the area of education and science;
International nature - this will create a recognized ranking system for all countries, regardless of their education systems,
national, and mental characteristics because sciences as well as learning results are supranational notions;
Classification - comparison of institutions of higher education is possible by introducing classes, to which they belong,
by adding to the process a comparison categories corresponding to the teaching/learning process and providing
favourable environment.
GWC program implements this task under the framework of The International Council of Scientists - a non-governmental,
long-term, strategic organization encompassing members scientists from across the world.