G3 - Universities by Area of Science

University by Area of Science (UAS) - Universities with bachelor or professional certificate and diploma, master, PhD and professional doctorate courses and programs and covering separate programs of the second and the third levels of the “International Classifier for Fields of Science and Educational Programs”.

Registered as of today 461 UAS universities.

UAS-A Universities focused on area of art.
UAS-AF Universities focused on agriculture, fishery, forestry.
UAS-EB Universities focused on economics and business.
UAS-HS Universities focused on humanity sciences.
UAS-MU Universities focused on medicine sciences.
UAS-SS Universities focused on social sciences.
UAS-TU Universities focused on technics and technologies.
UAS-VM Universities focused on veterinary medicine.
The names of faculties, departments and courses are presented according to  “ The International Classifier for Fields
“The International Classifier for Fields of Science and Educational Programs” is based on analysis of academic programs in 1200 universities over 80 countries.
Publicly available information from the universities websites is being analyzed.
This classifier is based on information about a large number of universities in different countries and at different levels. It can be used as information basis for building an international system of comparing institutions of higher education.
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