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When you are aspiring to the highest place, it is honorable to reach the second or even the third rank.

Nature herself makes the wise man rich.

                                                                                                                                  Marcus Tullius Cicero


The International Council of Scientists (ICS)


RankPro - world university ranking based on views and estimates of experts of the highest level - professors of various universities.
World's premium universities 2016
Universities, which are classified in the group "a" in one or more components of RankPro 2015/2016
                     Ar – Academic index (academic possibilities of the university);
                              BCr- BC-Index (communicability of the university internet homepage);
Pr - Public index (national and world reputation).

Nomination: Information content of the university's internet homepage


Nomination: Academic area (learning and research) - offers and opportunities


Nomination: National and global reputation




Program GWC 2016

International pilot project „Algorithm of the methodology for estimating quality and efficiency of scientific research”
May - December 2014.

Goal of the project - development of methodology to assess scientific effectiveness and quality of work of individual researchers, research groups, centers, and universities.

Motivation analysis of submissions received during the internet conference „The first internet conference– survey: Citation of scientific papers- issues and challenges”.

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International pilot project for medical universities, colleges, and schools "Criteria and indicators for assessment of academic and scientific activities".  May - December 2014.

Goal of the project - development of evaluation methodology and indicators to rank universities, colleges and schools aimed at training professionals in the field of clinical, preclinical medicine and health sciences.

Motivation analysis of the materials obtained in the course of the GWC program in compilation of professional ranking of universities (Worldwide Professional University Rankings RankPro) from 2013 to 2016 shows a significant difference between the ranking indicator values for medical universities, colleges (schools) and the rest determined by the specifics of training and gradation of obtained degrees.

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     GWC Program
Education and Science
The International Council of Scientists ICS
The Council's work is carried out in the following areas (based on The International Classifier for Fields of Science and Educational Programs):
001 Nature Sciences: Anthropology; Archeology; Astronomy; Biology; Botany; Zoology, Animal Sciences; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Medicine; Basic Medical Sciences; Biomedical Sciences; Physics.
002 Mathematics.
003 Humanities: Economics; History; Philosophy; Psychology; Religion & Theology; Social Sciences.
004 Engineering and Technology: Aerospace and Aeronautic; Agriculture, Fishery, Forestry; Architecture; Biotechnology; Chemical Engineering; Computer Science; Construction; Ecological engineering; Electrical Engineering; Electronic Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Food; Industry, Production; Information Sciences and Systems; Instrumentation and Control; Marine Technology; Materials Science; Mechanical Engineering; Metallurgy, Metal Products; Microsystems  Engineering; Mining; Motor Vehicle; Nanoscience; Nuclear Applications; Petroleum, Gas, Coal; Pharmaceutics; Printing; Power and Energy; Space; Telecommunications; Timber Engineering; Transport, Transportation; Wood, Woodworking.
005 Society: Advertising and Public Relation; Arts; Bibliography; Culture; Demography; Education; Health and Welfare; International Studies; Journalism; Languages; Law; Linguistics; Literature; Medieval Studies; Military Sciences; Pedagogy; Political Science; Public Administration; Sport Sciences; State and Public Safety; Tourism, Recreation, Services.

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- the university accreditation in the GWC program.